轻型货架 Light shelf
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Light warehouse shelf belongs to a kind of storage shelf, which is a shelf type. It is distinguished and named according to the bearing capacity of the shelf. According to this division principle, the bearing capacity of light shelves in all storage shelves is the smallest. Generally, the shelf load is ≤ 150kg / layer (most of the shelf load is calculated by the bearing capacity in layers).

Shelf structure

1. The shelf column is made of equilateral angle steel with bilateral punching. The hole distance is arranged in a straight line with a distance of 50mm. The column hole is used to hang the laminate;

2. The shelf steel laminates are made of cold-rolled steel plates, which are bent on four sides according to the required size.

3. The upright post and the steel laminate are connected and fixed through quick snap pins and triangular fixing pieces.

4. After all parts of the shelf are processed and formed, the finished products are assembled after grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes. The surface of the finished shelf products produced is smooth and beautiful; The laminate can be adjusted up and down freely, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

Scope of application

It is usually used for the storage of small and medium-sized goods and light goods, and the single-layer bearing capacity is preset within the range of ≤ 150kg.

Characteristics and Application

Light warehouse shelves are suitable for manual access to light goods and can be used with plastic turnover boxes to store a variety of small products. They are widely used in the electronic industry and small parts warehouses. They can realize the anti-static function by changing plastic spraying powder or laying special rubber plates. They have the characteristics of low cost, reliability, simple assembly and disassembly. Light warehouse shelves can be used alone, It can also be freely spliced into various arrangements.

The laminates and columns of light warehouse shelves are connected with corner codes and screws to stabilize the shelves, or wooden laminates are paved on the beams for connection, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. The steel laminate or wood laminate of light warehouse shelf is adjusted up and down with a pitch of 50mm to meet a variety of use requirements.

The light shelf steel laminate is bent on four sides by the cold plate according to the required size, and the concave stiffener is welded below. Spot welding is adopted for welding. This structure has the characteristics of material saving, good bearing condition and smooth surface. The wood laminate adopts density board, which also has the function of anti-static.